Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Reading List

These one's are going back to the library:
Assassin's Quest
Raising Fit Kids in a Fat World
Rant: an oral biography of Buster Casey

1. Assassin's Quest - read almost the entire book before remembering that I had read it already. My memory seems to be a bigger problem than I thought. I can't remember most of high school, either. Seems that fantasy as a genre still has a great hold on me as well as people I wouldn't expect. While volunteering in the garden, several patrons asked about my book. I wouldn't have imagined some of them readers at all and definitely not of fantasy fiction. I had to hunt this author down several times using the Web-based librarians to help me, because I couldn't remember the her name or the name of any of the books in the series though I remembered loving them. The second time through was just as moving and I look forward to reading the next trilogy.

2. Moloka'i - about a patient with leprosy a.k.a Hansen's Disease living on Moloka'i Leprosy Colony in Hawai'i. A great combination of history, medicine, beautiful scenery (I love reading about Hawai'i and can't wait to visit!) and emotion.

3. Raising Fit Kids in a Fat World - I seem to have lost this book somewhere in the condo and it's overdue and on hold, so I can't finish my read, but since I don't have children, that's probably okay. I started reading it more for the ability to share it with my patients. It's Christian based philosophy, but I think it's accessible for non-Christians as well. The little I read seemed interesting and positive. A couple articles in this month's Utne also discussing our focus on fat - such an important and double edged topic.

4. Banewreaker and Godslayer - I loved Jaqueline Carey's Kushiel series, but I just didn't get into this one. I was interested to discover, however, that there are two authors with this same exact name.

5. Rant - I decided not even to start this one. His other books, especially the one where the people got locked into the old theater, made me nervous and I don't need anything to add to that these days!

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