Saturday, January 19, 2008

Home and Family

I came home to the nicest thing today: a quiet house.

I don't have kids or roommates, so my place usually isn't noisy, so I'm speaking metaphorically. What I mean is, my dog is not at home. A must have taken him along with him as he often does on the weekends and it's SO NICE! As I walked in, still blabbing away on my cell phone, hands full of purse and bags, I didn't have to hold Chibo back with my foot and then immediately take him outside. I'm actually a little at a loss as to what to do with these few golden moments of peace and quiet before "the boys" get back. Mom (to whom I was speaking when I walked in the door) suggests a hot bath with a glass of wine and stay put until A gets back and takes the dog out for me. She's funny, but it's not a bad idea.

Another way she's funny is that she doesn't ever want to live with me and "impose" on my "new" relationship. Granted, A and I have only been together for a year, but by the time she would have to live with me, I imagine we'll be feeling pretty settled. It's ironic, because her mother lives with her, so she's setting the example. I've always thought, hoped and planned that she would live with me in her elder years, though. I'd like very much for her and my children (as yet unborn) to have a close relationship through living together, and I'd like to ease her elder years with my knowledge of healing. I don't know quite how to convince here that my desire is sincere and not just obligatory.

I'm so grateful that A feels similarly, although if we move both our mothers and his father in, we're going to have a very full house! As much as I like living alone and having this quiet moment to myself, I also think that's a really nice thought, too - coming home to those I love best: partner, parents, children and dogs, noisy or not.

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