Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pizza Disappointment

You know when you say something is "THE BEST!" and then when you have it again, it just isn't as good? Well, I had a sad moment last night when I realized that my absolute favorite pizza in town had turned...just so-so. I allow that my language around that pizza might be part of it and that it's possible they were having an off night or the pizza wasn't so fresh, but I was really disappointed.

Escape from New York Pizza in NW P___ has been my favorite pizza since I moved to town 8 years ago. When I first arrived, fresh faced and naive, I was staying in a flop house on that side of town with a bunch of strangers, so eating out was a must. I ended up having pizza for every meal of the day and it was always Escape. I've been a loyal fan for years and my far and wide exploration of P___'s pizza scene hadn't revealed a better for crust consistency and sauce flavor. Granted I did develop a love for Papa Murphy's Veggie Delite pizza, but that's a whole other animal altogether. Last night's slice, my first slice of Escape in about 6 months, was a disappointment with an overly bready crust, so-so sauce and a lack of cheese. I just know they've done a better slice and that knocked them out of my number 1 position.

For a P___ favorite, I'm now onto Pizza A-Go-Go. I liked this pizza so much that I had my graduation dinner there! It's a tiny place to eat in, but cozy with interesting art visible just across the street and great service. Nationwide favorite may have to be Bostone Pizza in Boston, Mass, where A and I tried both the Sicilian and the Neapolitan pizzas to gastronomic delight. I'm eager to get to New York and Naples (as part of Goal #101), the birthplace of pizza, for more pizza explorations.

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