Sunday, January 27, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I told A not to come over today. He stays with me more often than not, so we both usually assume he's coming over, but today I took a day for quiet and catch up. It seems like I never have enough time... I was going to say enough time to get things done, but it's just generally enough time. Enough time to get things done, enough time spent on my thesis, enough time off, enough time with my dog, enough time to prepare a good meal...

I don't like this so I'm going to change my thinking about it:

I am grateful that every day,
in every way,
there is the perfect amount of time.

Tonight, I've been playing catch up and it's been nice. Here's some of what I've accomplished tonight:
  • Took down massage table and reclaimed my living room
  • Started the laundry - which is silly because I've had a full load of towels in the washing machine all weeks, but just never started it!
  • Vacuumed the livingroom and bathroom - both of which needed it badly and now my house looks 10x cleaner
  • Talked to my good friend Jeff
  • Talked to my good friend E
  • Prepared and enjoyed a delicious dinner
  • Poured the bulk spices into new glass jars, labelled them and put them in the cupboard, clearing up 1 more foot of counter space
  • Cleaned out the refridgerator - no, I'm never going to eat that funky old tofu
  • Drank the remaining kombucha from yesterday
  • Came up with a new supplement plan - instead of trying to force myself to take 30-40 pills everyday, when I know I won't do it, I made a plan to take 4-5 a day. Not only is this more realistic, but I feel like it's healthier, too!
  • Realized that I don't want really want to just watch crappy movies every evening, but would prefer to read during evenings in.
  • Made a list of upcoming fun events and adventures that I will see everyday
  • Contacted prospective business partners
  • Responsibly replied to my business partner
  • Walked the dog (twice)
  • Took the recycling out
  • Made the dog a blog (I know that one is for fun and doesn't really count, but it is still something I did tonight that has some meaning for me!)

Whew, I can't believe I got all that done! And with the perfect amount of time to spare for reading another chapter before going to bed.

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