Friday, January 25, 2008

What I Have Learned That I Need

I need a day off.

Just one.

Two days or a whole weekend is what most jobs allow, but I really need one day.

What I mean is that I need one day in which I am not required or suggested to accomplish anything. Just one day per week to watch TV, read a good book, eat whatever food comes to hand, play with the dog and maybe stay in my pajamas all day. As the weeks carry on and my schedule remains full with working at the store 4-5 days/week, business meetings and business related goings-on and many personal tasks, including my unfinished thesis (guilt, guilt, guilt), house cleaning and personal finance projects during my supposed days off, the days that refuel me are the ones where I don't accomplish anything. I thought I was tired and didn't have enough energy, but I think it's more like having a finite amount of accomplishment in a week. I took Wednesday off and watched TV on the computer, read a book and relaxed all day - it was wonderful.

I need a day off and I'm going to take it.

At least, most weeks, I'm going to take it. There are sometimes urgent decisions or actions needed and I have to get food and have clean underwear. But those basic needs met, I'm taking a day off each week, without even the goal of having fun, without even the goal of having no goals and without the expectation that I will not accomplish anything. It's just a day off - the only list allowed on that day is this one:
  • no need to get anything done today
  • it will keep til tomorrow
  • this is not procrasination, it is nourishment
  • no lists
  • have a nice day

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