Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Goals

After my first 101 goals expired, I had this idea about making another list. I have been struggling with that list, actively and passively, for 3 months. It's both because I'm more serious about making goals that are S.M.A.R.T. and also because I'm loath to commit to more "goals" when I have so many other things going on. It seems a bit like cheating to set goals that I'm already lined up for like "get married" or "buy a new house."

On the other hand, I would feel pretty accomplished if I was able to mark those approximately three years (1001 days) by checking off an entire list of 101 goals accomplished, no matter if some of them were mild cheats or not. Because, after all, who's being cheated?

In any event, I do have one goal for 2010 that I set and have been keeping up with to my great pleasure. After getting my sewing machine for Christmas, I set a goal to make 12 projects in 2010. One per month with the help of E and Ree, my sewing club buddies. We're set to have sewing club at my house this Sunday for our third meeting. So far, I've sewn 2 car rubbish bags and an oven mitt and hot pad. And I've learned a lot!

I was even able to teach E, an experienced seamstress, a thing or two! I've got several yards of fabric waiting to be made into aprons, place mats, napkins, wine bags, a tote bag and maybe even a doggy coat! I might even try a clothing item by the end of the year. So, when I'm not here blogging about goals that I might or might not ever get to, rest assured that I'm out there meeting my sewing goal one small project at a time.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Domestic Goddess

I got home late...again.

This happens surprisingly often, but sometimes, on my good days, things are just flowing at the office and it's easy to keep going. The hours fly by and then it's 7 o'clock before I'm leaving for home. Tonight, A surprised me by having dinner in the make when I arrived. As I was finishing up a conversation on my phone, he set the table and when I hung up, it was hello, sit down and here's a beautiful salad and chick'n cordon bleu (not real chicken) with peaches for dessert.

I feel pretty lucky at the moment. And well-fed. Smart man, very smart man.