Monday, November 1, 2004

Poetry: Dreamtime Dance

I woke up when the moon was full
High above my head
My eyes were closed
My spirit wandered
My body was in my bed
The first step
Keep going
Take a breath
Suns first rays, early showing
Almost there
Keep going
Finally home
Within my soul, love growing
Within my dream, the sun is high
though the time is near
Evenings end
Time to wake
Will the day begin in love or fear?

- KL

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Pulse Poetry

A young horse, crashing from the gate
Around the bend, she needs to hold a footing
Not so sure
And in the home stretch
focus is a little difficult
when speed is consumed

An old jockey she knows
to build a fire that grows
and feed it patiently

But a young horse
can't slow down as easily as she would
to make the first bend with sure feet
and take the race, to be fed with that spirit and pride.

-Drew Scott 10/21/04 Pulse Diagnosis Classroom Poetry

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Poetry: Friendship

A Poem for R

Through the years, our paths have crossed
time and time again.
Now we know for certain
we were meant to be friends.
Sometimes we share the same thoughts,
sometimes we disagree.
But I know I can always count on you,
as you can count on me.
Looking to the future,
there is a great unknown,
but I know not to worry
the seeds of friendship have been sown.