Sunday, January 6, 2008

I ♥ Calendars

I have a wall calendar from last year still turned to November because the calendar is in an inconvenient place. I have a Palm pilot with software on my computer to manage my schedule. It's a pleasure to put all the little blocks in place and stretch them to cover the full length of any given event. Because A has a hard time understanding the vagaries of my work schedule, I also have a Google calendar to help him with planning. (He's come to assume that I work everyday, which in some ways is accurate and only likely to become more so as things progress!)

But I've purchased another calendar. A pocket engagement calendar. I love it. I have gotten up this early to shower and eat breakfast before work, but instead I ended up filling in this week and next in the tiny calendar. My intention was that it would be a goals based calendar. Write down when I've drunk soda or eaten eggs or flossed or done breath work (see 101 Goals), so that I know exactly when I've met my goals and/or so I am motivated to just finish it! I know I've come close many times and might even have completed these goals, but without a written record, it's hard to say.

But it was fun penning in my work schedule. And relevant - I can't exactly set aside an afternoon for sending birthday cards if I'm working all day and have a meeting in the evening, can I? So, my goals calendar is likely to be an event record as much as it is likely to contain enigmatic symbols indicating my goal progress and other items I want to track. I'm just such a dork that I don't mind writing my schedule in three separate places.

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