Friday, January 18, 2008


Thanks to my friend FB I've been listening to a lot of new music online through Pandora Radio. A also turned me on to radio websites, so I've checking into Movin 107.5 and K103 online as well. Then I got the word that I could tune in to HD Radio online (which I learned, is not the same as Satellite Radio) through any number of webpages. Now with all this listening to the radio, you'd think I'd be getting hip to some new music, but it's funny that it's working exactly opposite.

I have been driving in silence, listening to an educational CD at home and watching TV at the gym instead of listening to music. Seems like strange behavior, but I also noticed (last night while listening to FB play live - go FB!) that I still like my "old" favorite songs. I think I just don't have as much brain space for listening to a ton of new music all at once. The first time I heard a song from Rent, I didn't like it, but after seeing the show five times, I love the soundtrack and can sing much of it verbatim. Maybe I just need more time to let some of this new music sink in after not listening to radio for so many years.

I'm still not sure it'll get me to like that Nelly Furtado song, though.

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Anonymous said...

It takes me three listens to a new CD or song to really get it or for it to become a 'favorite'. You can easily have too much music overload! I've seen it happen. C