Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On Schedule

MySpace has a calendar function and I can find out many of my friends' activities through a shared calendar online. I have another calendar through my workout group and maintain my own calendar using my Palm program. E got me a nice TAO wall calendar that I hung in my bedroom and my mom bought me a page-a-day "Bad Dog" calendar that sits on my desk. E and I have had shared calendars in the past so we know each other's schedules (not needed at this time since we're together all day everyday), and A and I have discussed a shared online calendar so that we don't double book ourselves.

I find myself looking on other calendars to determine my activities and even concern myself with the calendars and obligations of others - i.e., he's signed up for that, but I know he's not going; she's going to that, but hasn't RSVPd yet and oh, they signed me up for that, I guess I have to go. It's ridiculous and I'm over it.

I'm overscheduled. Not only do I simply have too much to do, too many plans, too many obligations, but I'm also overburdened by the very act of calendering. I don't wear a watch in part because I prefer the freedom of not being 'bound' by time, but I do find myself overlinked to my cell phone which is my primary source of the current time. I also rely heavily on my PDA to know where I'm supposed to be and what tasks still remain to be done. I realized today that this ongoing to-do list may prevent me from thinking outside the box. I've had a short paper to write for the past many months and I haven't finished it because it's a bit complicated. Well, the subject I chose is complicated, but the paper doesn't have to be - this morning I realized I could just pick a different topic.

I think it's important to be organized and effective at time management, but I'm looking forward to having a more spontaneous and free schedule this summer. Despite the fact that my days will be relatively structured around gym, board exam studying and working, I think I'll have more freedom then than now when I am running around doing something different every day.

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