Monday, May 21, 2007

Fire Dragon Libra

Just got a great astrology book: The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes by Theodora Lau. I've been reading and using this book at clinic since last summer and finally just bought my own copy. It's an amazing resource for those interested in Chinese astrology. Here are some excepts about my sign:
  • Driven, cause-oriented, abrasive, sincere, admired, stubborn, energetic, loyal, strong, decisive, proud, impetuous, confident, open and honest to a fault. Dragons hold themselves in high esteem and will expect to be treated well. They may feel themselves above the law, not practice what they preach and may tip the scales in their own favor without even realizing it. Sometimes the Dragon sees himself as just a little more equal.
  • The most righteous, outgoing and competitive of all dragons, the Fire Dragon will expect a lot from everyone. But while he may be demanding and aggressive, he is also blessed with enormous energy and has a lot to offer in return.
  • In reality, he is an open and humane person given to impartiality and uncovering the truth at all costs. His criticisms are objective, and he has the power to arouse the masses with his vibrant personality. A natural empire builder, he will strive toward the supreme order of things, with himself at the helm, of course.
  • The Libran Dragon will be a congenial, sprightly and lovable soul, not at all fearsome as Dragons go since this combination produces a non-belligerent type of Dragon. The balance is tipped here towards Dragon's compelling magnetism, yet although the Libran Dragon has a lot of drive, he won't be as dependable as other Dragons. Because both signs in this combination have genuine and sincere personalities, this subject will be endowed with wide-eyed honesty, unintentional frankness and a minimum of inhibitions.
  • The autumnal Dragon is calmer and less judgmental in outlook. Not as intense as other Dragons but just as strong-willed, he knows how to use his strength effectively. Not as easily agitated, he will take on difficult tasks with zeal and will not give up easily. Admirable for his courageous leadership and relentless pursuit of perfection, this steady Dragon could have smooth sailing throughout his life is he is not overly self-sufficient.
  • Most compatible with Rat and Monkey. Incompatible with Dog. BUT, I think I was born in the hour of the Dog, which actually gives me Dog qualities and may attract me to people born in the year of the Dog despite my major sign!


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