Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hurry Up and Wait

I worry about being rushed. I hate when it happens and I worry in advance that it will happen. It's almost comical how E rushes me - I'll be waiting for her to finish getting ready - I'll be sitting at my desk just putzing around waiting when she's all the sudden ready and let's go! The quick transition startles me and I feel rushed. That happened on the way to work today and it happens a lot because I'm always ready before her.

A rushes me, but it's not as funny, because he gets really upset about being on IST (Indian Standard Time - read: always late). I've always admired and romanticized the latino ethic of taking ones time, arriving later and slowing things down generally. Apparently that ideal is not shared worldwide. Every party I throw, I'm surprised when people arrive at the time I said the party would start. I usually mean that just as a guideline of when to arrive after. I actually do usually mean the end time that I give, but people never pay as much attention to that part.

Anyways, I hate being rushed and I'm feeling a little rushed abut school these days. Have to hurry up and get my thesis done, hurry up and do a lineage ceremony, hurry up and meet all of my requirements. Hurry up and graduate, hurry up and take boards, hurry up and wait for licensure. I decided to just take my time - I have been approved to walk at graduation even if I don't finish all my requirements including my thesis - so I'm slowing things down...and becoming more effective. I finished my case paper (the last of 6 required for my doctorate) this morning and typed up my last presentation yesterday. Things are definately flowing a little better now that I'm in my stream instead of trying to swim up someone else's schedule.

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