Sunday, May 6, 2007


While out walking Chibo, E and I saw a little Yorkie Terrier running around off leash. As we were approaching a fairly busy street, we were concerned and decided to enact a "rescue." This is somewhat reminiscent of the time a year or so ago when we picked up a Skipperkee running down a freeway off ramp. That time, the dog's collar referred us to a nearby vet where we dropped the dog off. After stopping four lanes of freeway traffic at rush hour, Annie (the Skipperkee) was reunited with her parents who had lost her the night before and they sent us flowers in gratitude. We felt pretty good about that and I don't resent (though I remember) the shirt I ruined carrying her in my arms.

This time we only had to wait until Alfie (the Yorkie) returned from chasing the tabby cat (name unknown), barking at Chibo (my dog) and relaxed enough to let E pet him and hold his collar. We leashed him, asked the neighbors and eventually found his dad just two doors down. He thanked us but clearly thought we were crazy. Even if the only reason he keeps a closer eye on his dog is to prevent us loonies from stealing him, at least the dog will be safer.

That's our good dog-ma for the week.

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