Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh Lucky Day

Seems like my lucky streak continues...knock on wood!

I found out yesterday that one of the requirements that I might have had to complete after graduation is actually completed. I was misinformed by my harried registrar that certain 'credits' could not be transferred from one area (where I have more than enough) to another area (where I am lacking almost that exact number), and when I went over her head to the dean of the program with my innocent query, the story immediately reversed. Of course I can transfer those over! That eases not only my mind, but also my schedule, since I no longer have to attend my Thursday morning clinic. I enjoyed watching paint dry, I mean watching a chiropractor do body work, but I could really use those mornings to catch up on my sleep and get work done at home.

My school also just approved a decrease in the number of acupuncture patients we are required to see before graduation. If you haven't been through medical school, you may not be aware that there are very exacting requirements about the number of hours spent in clinic, the number of patients one sees in certain capacities and different exams and treatments (called check-offs) one must do before being approved to graduate. For my acupuncture program, we are required to spend 624 hours in the clinic and did have to see 400 patients within that time frame. Doesn't seem like a lot? Try it - keep in mind that this all happens within 1 year after 3 years of academic training and almost 300 hours observing an acupuncturist at work. We're now required to see only 350 patients which is a requirement I have already met. In other words, another load of stress off my mind.

I finished my case paper the other day and will perform several check-offs today, getting that much closer to meeting my complete graduation requirements. I actually think I might finish everything on time.

Requirements remaining: (besides showing up for the rest of my class and clinic shifts)
1. Finish check offs (11 total)
2. Case Presentation: Prostate Cancer
3. 3-4 Page Paper on Chinese Classical Literature
4. Thesis - Finish Writing
5. Thesis - Defend (currently being rescheduled)

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