Saturday, May 26, 2007

4 Minutes Late

When meeting one's partner's parents for the first time (or anytime really), one should probably arrive on time. It's considerate, it's respectful and it just makes sense not to give them any reason not to like you. But what exactly does "on time" mean? I'm still on Latin time in which 5 o'clock actual means anytime between 5 and 6. Maybe if there are reservations, the exact time has more relevance.

At 5:04 tonight, A called because he wondered if he and his parents should go ahead and make the salad. We had decided to make soup and salad dinner for his parents - he thought it would be great for them to see us cooking together and seeing what a great team we make. Despite my better judgement, I agreed to make the salad to accompany his soup - not quite a team effort, but at least one plus one. Because of the time difference from here to Chicago, we decided an early dinner would be appropriate and that I would come over about 5pm.

Literally 15 minutes late, it seemed like more as they waited for me to make the salad, the soup probably having been finished more than an hour ago. I guess I should have trusted my better judgement and How To Walk in High Heels: The Girl's Guide to Everything which suggests going out to eat the first time you meet your partner's parents.

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