Wednesday, May 16, 2007

By Appointment Only: Office Hours Cancelled!

Things are looking up. It took so little, but one tiny thing going my way makes the whole world a little brighter. I spoke to the SGA VP and cancelled my office hours for the remainder of the term - students will have 30 fewer minutes per week in which to not visit the office to send faxes.

But the result for me is much greater - I no longer have to stress and coordinate with my housemate since she usually waits up to an hour to carpool home after class. I get that extra time at home to play with the dogs, make a healthy lunch, relax and work on my studies. I can shed that extra ounce of resentment that builds up for joining SGA in the first place, because I did, in fact, think it would all be fun and games and didn't have any idea what a drain it would be on my time.

So today, I came home right away after skipping my office hours yet again. I made a delicious lunch with many vegetables. I took the dogs out then pampered them both with some extra affection. And now I'm laying in the bed blogging and getting ready for a nap. Yes, I think cancelling office hours was a very good decision.

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