Monday, March 16, 2009

Radio Head

Since I got my new car in October, I've been so pleased to have a radio. At first, I listened to radio music a lot and was happy to hear some great tunes. Then I played a few cassette tapes that I hadn't listened to for ages, having no other cassette player. Then I got addicted to NPR - that, along with reading the paper during my breaks at work kept me pretty well in tune with the goings on locally, nationally and internationally. This winter, I was probably better informed than ever before in my life and could finally understand people who read several newspapers and watch the news (their reasoning, but probably still not all of their conversation).

At some point along the line, though, I remembered recorded books. I just finished listening to Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees on CD and found it a delightful listen while driving to and from work. Light enough that I could focus on my driving, but a great story. The second recorded book I tried, The Thrall's Tale, was not as compelling and I find myself scanning stations and listening to NPR again and find that I'm out of touch! My partner blogged about the AIG bonus scandal before I'd even heard about the AIG bailout!

I'd like to be well-read and up to date with current events both, but it seems that there are not enough hours in the day!

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