Friday, March 27, 2009

DC Day 1: Lovin' The Yellovater

ENIRINDC. That is, E and I are in Washington, D.C. Wahoo! We just got here yesterday and it's already been quite the adventure. Neither E nor myself, nor our friends (S & P), nor many of our traveling companions on our flight, had ever experienced the de-icing process, but in Denver, we got to experience a full range of flight problems, waiting onboard for a couple of hours, deplaning, reboarding and de-icing among them. We did manage to get underway and on to D.C. where we've spent today walking, talking, walking, laughing, walking, drinking, eating, walking, laughing, laughing, walking, laughing.

We broke our fast at Busboys and Poets, a restaurant/cafe/bookstore dedicated to peace and named after Langston Hughes, a favorite poet of mine from old. I had a Fuji Apple and Gorgonzola sandwich on walnut bread with fig sauce and fries - the apples were sliced and stacked like lunch meat and it was delicious. E could probably have perused their small bookstore shelves for hours, but we decided to walk on.

A lot of walking around and looking at D.C., including a quick trip into the Islamic Center mosque. P insists that there must have been a sermon on spreading the faith, because we were stopped by one Muhammad who told us how we can and should go into the mosque, but also gave us a mini-lecture on sinning, including drinking, gambling and lying. The mosque was incredibly beautiful with tiled walls, stained glass windows and large carpets throughout. We ladies had to cover our hair before entering and it formed quite the habit for the evening as E and I continued to use our scarfs this way while walking around in a light D.C. drizzle.

More walking until we decided to go to a show and timing dictated that we stop for a quick bite. We did so at C__ where I had a delicious mac and cheese featuring asparagus and artisanal cheese. Yum, but I still graded it B- to B because the sauce was a little runny (and splashy!) and the portion was small, though enough, I'm sure. After that, we changed our mind about the show, opting for a short improv set instead of a three hour play.

On the way home, we decided to stop by the new local bar in S & P's neighborhood, which we originally thought was called "Truth, Love, Beauty," but which was really called "Policy." The bar was an interesting pastiche of wooden slat board, concrete, faux antique chandeliers, graffiti art, chain mail curtains and the color yellow which was used to light up both the entryway staircase and the elevator, hence the term "Yellovator" thanks for our new friend Eddy. Thanks Eddy.

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