Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DC Day 6: Lunch Date, Dinner Date

So today was date day on our travels - we had a lunch date with our hosts' sister which was really fun. She's a pile of sassy and invited us to meet her downtown for lunch at a pan Asian restaurant. I realized after we walked 2 miles to get there that part of my ...?...angst?...at walking everywhere is that I am a sweater, as in a person who sweats. This is not good for the walking around everywhere.

Not only does make up cease to function, but sometimes my clothes actually get a little damp and then there is rubbing. Yeah, not so fond of the walking everywhere in the city, except for the day that I defied the fashion industry by walking out in my yoga pants and sneakers. I don't know how I will reconcile the sweating and the walking if/when A and I move to a big city.

[On the subject of A, I realized tonight that despite multiple, almost daily telephone calls in both directions, I have not spoken with him for the duration of this trip and I find that somewhat alarming, though my hosts and travel companion assure me that if we were both trying, nothing is likely wrong. I do look forward to getting home tomorrow though and seeing both A and C! Traveling is fun, but I miss my home!]

I'm tempted to do likewise on the plane tomorrow - wear sweatpants and sneakers with a hoodie and pack the rest. The major thing holding me back is NOT wanting to look respectable, but rather that I have a new high maintenance purse that requires a better outfit as a back drop. I've never had a purse that was so nice that it came with another bag in which to store it! I do love this bag.

On the subject of bags, I started repacking mine tonight and learned that once again, I have packed too much. I would not have guessed about the walking, so I don't blame myself on the high heeled boots, but I also ended up wearing jeans the entire week, which I would not have predicted. I suppose as I develop my personal style, my wardrobe and my impervious shield to fashion trends, horrified stares from strangers and my own insecurity that I'll be an even better packer regardless of whence I'm bound. In the meantime, I'll probably just keep bringing everything that fits.

PS - The dinner date part was just that though we planned on going out for Ethiopian, we ended up having a pizza, playing a game and watching a video at home, which is like "date night" for me. It was nice and I'm glad to have a low key evening the night before traveling home. I just don't feel the need to squeeze in any other last minute activities.

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