Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Goal: Baby Afghan

After learning that my friend is pregnant, I immediately started looking up all kinds of craft projects for babies and pregnant moms. Unfortunately, my history with completing crochet projects is not great, but this 9 month deadline is a great motivator. I'm thinking of making her a couple of small things - a baby afghan, maybe a stuffed bear and there's a cute bear garland for the back of a chair or wall that shouldn't take long - but I decided that I have to finish the other two projects that I've started before I can buy the yarn for baby projects.

If I can't finish my other projects and her gifts by the time we do a baby shower, I'll pick her up some great organic baby products instead. Win-win. Then I wouldn't have a project lingering over my head to feel guilty about and an unfinished baby blanket that's too small when it's done. And if I do complete my mom's afghan (which I started in 2002!) and a baby blanket, I feed two birds with one seed!

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