Monday, June 2, 2008

What Gets Me Out of Bed

No, no, no, it's not like, "oh, I hate my life, there's nothing worth getting out of bed for." It's more like: The Things I Think About Doing Upon Rising. And it's blog-worthy, because I find the things that get me out of bed strange.

So, I was going to start describing myself and relating that to why the things that get me out of bed are strange, but being a professional doesn't have anything to do with it being strange really. If someone was a stay at home mom I would still find it strange that cutting up apples to put in the dehydrator put a zing in her first step out of bed. I would still find it strange that the thought of preparing a hot lunch of tofu and greens to be eaten hours later would be the thing that opens her eyes. I would still find it strange that she wished for a separate room near the kitchen in which to run and store her many appliances.

Yes, I am a kitchen junkie. Another negativo on the perfect house is that the kitchen is in the great room. This is what I've always wanted - my mom's kitchen is just a kitchen with a table, no formal dining room in the house, but most meals are eaten in the living or family room or with individuals strewn about the house wherever they fall - so, the thought of a kitchen where I could prepare food and still be with my family has always been very appealing. But the newest appliance to join my collection - my beloved ice cream maker - is very noisy. And it occurred to me that if I set it to run while eating dinner, it would be very noisy right next to us eating. And annoying. So I remembered another house where there was a large pantry and a laundry room nearby and got this bug in my ear that if there were a side room of the kitchen or a walk in pantry, that would solve some of those issues.

Thoughts like this get me out of bed. Thoughts about what food to prepare and how to make it, thoughts about meal planning, thoughts about the perfect kitchen. I do wake up hungry, but I also don't usually like to eat that much in the morning, so that adds to the strangeness too - that my first thoughts are about food that I'm not going to eat.

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