Monday, June 23, 2008

In the midnight hour, I cried...


There's always more to do. I got up 2 hours early and still didn't finish the list of things I had running in my head. I can only write a couple lines here, because I should already be in the car and I'm not even dressed for work, let alone fed or caffeinated.

At any rate, I did:
  • take out the trash - all the trash!
  • take out the recycling
  • get the dishes switched out (ran it yesterday full and am running it now, again full!)
  • get a load of laundry washed (had hoped it would finish so I could hang the stuff to dry, but it does not appear that 1 hour is enough for the wash cycle - wtf?!)
  • fed the dog
  • made the bed (A rubbing off on me about this made bed thing, though I did untuck the sheets)
  • made my lunch
  • picked up my apartment.

Okay, that's pretty good for an early morning. Now it's off to work, so I can look forward to coming home to clean apartment and homemade peach frozen yogurt. Mmmm...

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