Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Home means P___, but "going home" means to my mom's place. I'm not sure what "going home" will mean when/if she moves here or elsewhere. I'm not sure how relevant my 3 brothers' locations will be to that definition, either. At any rate, I'm "going home" to the Midwest on Thursday and lots to do before then - for my own sanity, a quick reminder list:
  • Make dinner with ample leftovers tonight
  • Soak almonds overnight tonight or tomorrow morning til after work
  • Work tomorrow 4am - 12 pm
  • Stop at bank and make deposit on the way home, talk to Renee about bank fees
  • Boil water and sugar for kombucha as soon as get home - add kombucha when cool, cover and set on counter
  • Have dinner and vice cream with E
  • Figure out if I need to drop dog off tomorrow or Thursday
  • Pack dog stuff up for extended stay with Uncle T and Aunt Ree
  • Take dog to T-Ree's Wednesday or Thursday on way to airport - probably Wed best - maybe E can take him there for me?!
  • Do laundry
  • Pack for trip - including something nice to wear to wedding
  • Tell A what I'm wearing to wedding
  • Clean up house, throw out garbage and recycling, turn off heaters and surge strips, unplug appliances
  • Give luggage to A
  • Work Thursday 7-2, get picked up at work, go straight to airport

Extras, but very important

  • Buy and pack wedding gift - gift card?
  • Pack stuff for mom - lotion, liddell spray, etc.
  • Small gifts for A's parents? - something pretty for Mamaji and something practical for Papaji -- how do I decide what to give them without alerting A to my intentions?

As you can tell, this trip will be quite full, visiting A's parents, going to a college-friend's wedding, visiting A's Alma Matter and visiting my mom and family. For one week, it's going to be a lot, though sadly not as much time with my mom and family as I would like. I'm sure A feels the same as we'll both only get 2 nights with our families. It will be nice if/when we can get both sets of parents more local and spend more quality time with them. For that matter, it's already nice that we share the high value that we place on family.

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