Sunday, June 1, 2008

Vital Statistics

Regarding the 'perfect' house I fell in love with:

Walkscore 3/100 - based on businesses and facilities within about 4 miles. For comparison, the walk score at my current home is 75 and at my office is 89! The only thing that shows up less than 1.5 miles away is the local school district.

Miles to Work -
For A - 14.2 miles, 30 minutes avoiding freeways
For me - 6.0 miles, 15 minutes
If A dropped me off - 25.6 miles, 45 minutes on the freeway

Public transit options -
"Error. There are no ___ stops within 1 mile of that address."

So, in conclusion, I guess the perfect house is not so perfect after all. I'm not sure that we will find a house like this close to anything, but I'm also sure that I won't be walking more than a mile to the bus stop or biking up the hill to get home from work, so my only options are having A drive me to work (unlikely that our schedules would be that perfectly matched) or drive another car out every day. I guess perfect isn't so perfect after all.

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