Friday, June 27, 2008

More Fro Yo

Tried Bleuet tonight after searching for the longest time to find it. My friend knew the name was blue spelled funny, then the guy at Active Cultures told me that it was pronounced "Blu-ette," but I still could find it online or through texting Google. After a movie in NW, A and I just kept searching until we finally found it because we knew we were so close.

Success. Sort of.

The fro-yo was okay. There were only three flavors: plain, cinnamon and mint-lime. We tried cinnamon and-mint lime and they were both good and interesting, but nothing that made me jump up and down wanting to get more. We ended up getting cinnamon and adding a hemp-ginger granola over top. I didn't know granola was so good and definitely will consider adding it to fro-yo in future for the crunchy balanced goodness, but that's about all I can say that is good.

Here's the rundown:
1. Hard to find online (local froyo searches did not return this place)
2. Good location, but empty when all the other dessert shops on that street were jumping and it was 100 degrees
3. Terrible service - the girl behind the counter got us samples, but didn't seem excited about her job. Granted, she doesn't have to jump up and down, but I would have appreciated some suggestions.
4. Fro yo that really tastes like fro yo - it's more like my homemade than the stuff from Active Cultures - a little icy, less creamy and more tangy, which I usually like, but somehow didn't here.
5. If I believe the guy at Active Cultures, which I do, because he was well informed, animated and very helpful (even if he was wrong), Bleuet may have misinformation on their wall about the benefits of yogurt crossing over to fro-yo since probiotics may actually die during freezing.
6. Expensive! We got a kids size which is plenty (2 oz) for 1.50$, but the small (too big!) is usually around 3$ and it's 1$ for each topping. On the kids size, that's a lot less topping than on a bigger size!

In the end, I probably won't be going back. Mio and Alotto are right down the street and I like my own fro-yo better (although I will be buying some granola!).

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