Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My 12 Step Program

I really want to go through that list I made in excruciating detail and write down my progress on each and every item, but it makes for boring reading, so I'll stick with another boring old standby - the weather report. If all travel goes according to plan (which is likely not to, since A may stay in Chicago with his mom), this is our itinerary and the weather forcast - looks like we're bringing P___ to the Midwest with us.

Thursday - Saturday (am): Chicago 86, Rainy (Thunderstorms - yippee!)
Saturday : Le Roy and Bloomington 87, Rainy (more Thunderstorms - yippee!)
Sunday : Urbana 91, Sunny - how nice for our romantic stroll along the quad
Sunday (pm) - Tuesday : Buchanan 80's, Rainy (yet more possible Thunderstorms - ugh!)
Wednesday : Chicago 79, Rainy

Got up to work at 3am today - didn't get to shower for work and had a nasty interaction with a coworker and then another with a customer. Luckily for me, my new boss lady is my age and really kind, so she let me vent to her and then I felt a lot better. Similarly to me, she cries when she's angry/frustrated more than when she's sad and tends to carry things around with her, but she said that working in the new store with new people, she hasn't carried as much around with her. I hope/plan/will emulate that - it's just not worth getting upset over the interactions I had at work today and definately not worth ruining my day. So, that's my final vent over those items. Now I should deal with my packing situation, my body funk and my hunger. So, a new list, my own personal 12 Step Program:

Step 1 : Put laundry in washer, add soap, press start.
Step 2 : Make and eat delicious veggie filled lunch.
Step 3 : Walk out to garage and get luggage.
Step 4 : Take shower and nap.
Step 5 : Pack dog.
Step 6 : Pack clothes, toiletries and gifts.
Step 7 : Have dinner and vice cream with E.
Step 8 : Say Good bye to Chibo as E leaves with him.
Step 9 : Clean up after dinner and finalize cleaning.
Step 10 : Finish packing.
Step 11 : Welcome A back home.
Step 12 : Get a good night's rest before working and traveling tomorrow.

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