Monday, March 31, 2008

New Acronyms or New Uses of Old Acronyms

Once upon a time when I was online dating, I wrote some kind of scathing review of men who online date and asked the men to reply with their thoughts. It was a scream reading their responses. However, there was one who laid both E and I out on the floor collapsed in hysterics. My message referred to PMS as Passive Man Syndrome, and he countered that the real men weren't messing about online because they had STD - Shit To Do. It's an acronym that E and I still use in this way. And still find hilarious.

Last night (and here I give credit where it is due), she came up with another one:
OPB - Other People's Bullshit
Yeah, you down with OPB? Not me, I can too much STD.

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