Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Off to a ... Start

Woke up early to take the dog out and now I'm just...up. Went to bed blessedly early last night, although I may have stayed awake in bed until the usual later hour, I feel rested just by having been lying down for longer. Mondays are my "on my feet all day" days and I always come home a little cranky and with slightly sore legs. What is it about standing that makes legs ache? Seems like I can walk much longer than I can stand. Back to today. I tried to go back to bed, but sleep wouldn't come and then I realized I'd been playing a game on my cell phone for about 20 minutes trying to wait for tired eyes to come (somehow tiring my eyes seems to signal my brain and help me fall asleep - maybe an old habit from reading in bed) with no results, so I decided not to waste the day playing games but to get up and get going. This was not a graceful decision - I resent not being asleep in bed.

But I also felt hungry while lying in bed playing said game, so I thought, "at least I'm up early and have plenty of time to make a yummy breakfast." What to make? I'm trying to avoid eggs right now and don't have any in the house, so that's out. I've eaten toast more than I care to admit this week, including three pieces with fake cheese and fake meat last night for dinner, so that's out. Hmmm...ooh! How about a delicious blackberry-banana smoothie? Sounds good, right? Somehow it came out bitter, but I'm too cheap to throw it out and make something else. So, I'm out of the gate, but so far the day is a little rocky. I'm confident it will get better.

Especially since I feel excited to work on the projects of the day and have some fun appointments. Here's today's to-do's:

  • Work on my web essay (while lying in bed, I thought of the perfect intro to my subject!)
  • Walk the dog
  • Mail my tax forms back (yes, all I have to do is sign and affix stamp, but I'm out of stamps, so I haven't done it yet. If I walk the dog to the store for stamps, I'll have fed two birds with one seed.)
  • Acupuncture appt at 12
  • Work on side job for 2 hours (I talked to my friend who also works on this same project and she agrees that 2 hours is about the realistic limit for any one go at this intense project)
  • Clean off my desk
  • Go to the bank
  • Go look at wedding dresses with a friend (for her, not me)

Since I've now already gone through my email and blogged, I guess it's time to jump into the list. I'll add checkmarks towards the end of the day for the items that get completed.

Late Addendum: For some reason, I can't seem to add a checkmark, but suffice it to say I did everything on the list except the side job and dog walk. And I added in the following that were also completed:

  • making and going to a dentist appt
  • making a doctor's appt
  • buying canisters for the many flours and bulk items I have lining my counters

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