Friday, March 28, 2008

Golden Retrievers Are ... Obnoxious

Ut oh, I said it out loud (online) and now I wait for deluge of outrage. I know the common wisdom and I believe that there are no bad dogs, just bad dog owners/parents/guardians (opgs). And terrible breeders. I think the golden retriever thing starts with bad breeding and ends with bad opgs. Think about it - these dogs are usually crazy. I know a couple great goldens that I really like but both of them are mixed breeds, so they aren't crazy and their opgs are the nicest, most sincere, honest and friendly people I know, so of course, their dogs are likewise polite and interesting.

Think about most of the golden retriever opgs you know, though. Suburban, upper-middle class, got the dog(s) for the girls, got the SUV to drive the girls and dogs around, oops did my dog jump on you, entitlement. It's no wonder the dogs are obnoxious with these people training them. Yes, bad golden retriever moment today, immediately after a life filled with similar golden retrievers. I'm going to spend some time with a couple nice goldens to help balance me out.

And I probably won't be opening that golden retriever themed healing center any time soon.

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