Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lady Drivers

Incident #1
Pulling out of work parking lot onto a 5 lane road. Have to cross 2-3 lanes to go left. One car coming along on my left stops. I look right and see traffic like mad, so I wait. Other driver continues to wait for me, despite zero traffic behind her and the obvious reason I’m not pulling out: all the traffic from the right. This other driver starts honking their horn at me. They are stopped in the middle of their lane, for NO REASON, and they’re honking at me. This is my biggest driving pet peeve – people who try to be nice and don’t JUST DRIVE. It’s okay to be nice and not cut someone off or slow slightly to let someone merge, but stopping your car and waving someone along someone pushes my buttons. I’ll know when it’s appropriate for me to go and I’ll go. Don’t get honk-y with me because I don’t take advantage of your largess.

Incident #2
I’m heading for work in the morning, running late as usual. I pull out of my complex onto the road, where I see a car pulling from the left lane into the right turning lane. Since they are already maneuvering with their signal on, I wait until they are over before pulling up behind them. Then I wait some more as the car doesn’t actually turn right on red despite the lack of any traffic coming from either direction. The light turns green and still nothing. I or the driver behind me may have honked, I can’t remember, but finally the person took their turn. I know some people get annoyed that I honk my horn and I certainly don’t like people honking at me, but when someone pulls into the right turn lane, you’d think they’d already made the decision to turn right, right?

When we were in Seattle, I feel like I identified my second-least-favorite driving habit (second to nice drivers), but since I didn’t write it down, I forgot it, but generally, I found Seattle traffic on the weekend, though more than I expected for a weekend, to be pretty manageable. GPS helped a lot, drivers looked lively. The two above are the most annoying driving incidents that have happened in February and unfortunately serve to reinforce the stereotype of a certain type of woman driver.

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