Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So, I have all these kinda negative motivating factors for initiating change in my finances, health, productivity, etc.:
  • Another classmate finished his thesis draft
  • I called in sick the last three days to work
  • Bills are all coming due
  • My scale keeps reporting a sickeningly higher weight every day
  • My heart races and I get out of breath walking the dog
  • My budget is not balanced
  • My house is a mess
  • The babysit dog (or my dog when the babysit dog is here) keeps peeing on the blankets

But I want to turn that frown upside down with some idealistic positivity:

  • Yeah! My (lazy) friend finished his draft - it's possible and probable that hard-working I will also finish very soon.
  • Yeah! Way to take care of myself so I don't get sick or sicker by overworking myself.
  • Yeah! I have the money to pay my bills, just got a raise, am getting back pay and a healthy tax return.
  • Yeah! I have the skills and tools for healthy weight loss - veggie tuna salad is yummy!
  • Yeah! Summer is coming and I always get more fit in summer when I do activities I love, like kayaking.
  • Yeah! On my day off today, I've not only cleaned most of the house, but also washed the pee'd upon blankets - what a good use of my time.

That said, I'm still beating myself up a bit for not working on:

  • the essay I need to post on my work website
  • the medicinary project I should have finished before the meeting tonight
  • my thesis
  • my side job

Luckily, I have tomorrow and Friday off. So I guess I'll work on my medicinary project since that's due in 3 hours. Then focus on my side job since I need the money. Okay, I have prioritizing skills. I can do this - it's just a life, I can manage it. Wish me luck.

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