Saturday, March 8, 2008

Busy Doing Something Close to Nothing

I made the following list at work of things to do when I got home tonight. It’s quite ambitious and some of the items are more reminders of things I have to do later than things I actually wanted to complete. I made the list even knowing that I had a friend coming over for dinner and that I would lose an hour to daylight savings time if I changed my clocks before I went to bed. This is what drives me crazy – I plan/try/intend/hope to accomplish way more than is actually feasible. The items with checks show the things I accomplished.
  • a Walk dog
  • Deal with mail
  • Make plan for week (contact MPC, JC, SB, ML)
  • Clean house
  • a Laundry
  • Move stuff to garage
  • Budget
  • Vision board
  • Gym
  • Food (including dehydrating multiple types of foods, making cheese sauce, hummus and guacamole)
  • a Update blog (this subject, driving rant, friendship)
  • Thesis
  • Gym
  • Side job research

My friend actually arrived to my home just before I got there – she let herself in and took the dog out, which was nice, but which also meant no down time for me. Reminder: this is why I like living alone – transition time, alone time, quiet time. Why would I want to give that up? So anyway, you’ll note on the list is a suggestion to blog about “busy getting nothing done” – this is what I mean, so I guess I can check that off the list.

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