Thursday, March 27, 2008

Back to Work

I am usually not thanking my stars that my "weekend" is over and that I'm going back to work, but this morning, I am. I slept on the couch so I wouldn't be breathing sick air all night, but I did not sleep well. Chibo didn't quite know what to do with himself, but he ended up with me - he knows who makes the good food - and that was a further detriment to my sleep.

I snuck away for a few hours yesterday and renewed my faith that there is life outside of being a caretaker. I called my mom, the ultimate caretaker who is currently taking care of grandma with Alzheimer's, and she laughed and told me that my dad was also an extreme baby when he was sick and that's just how men are. (Sorry, male readers, this is mom's wisdom and my experience.) Talk about some perspective.

Then I went to my favorite doctor. The treatment he gives me is very specific and highly effective. One treatment about every 6 months is all I need and if I listened to his advise and ate better I wouldn't ever need it again. It's immediately corrective and completely comfortable. He has an amazing bedside manner, always makes me feel like a better person just from being around him and doesn't charge me for my treatments. How's that for reversing the negatives from the day before?

On the way home from the doctor I stopped in to see a friend because I just wasn't ready to go home. It felt so nice to have someone feed me that I was able to prepare (aka warm up) some tomato soup for my sick beau with a little more cheer. So, it's back to work this morning for a full five days in a row, which is unusual for me, but I enter it cheerfully, because, despite being a healer, I know I'm not a good nurse.

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