Monday, September 3, 2007

Okay, Starting Today

So we got the big move done yesterday and the last couple items, including my comfy chair, today. Final cleaning tomorrow and then pick up my new furnitures on Monday. Then I'm done. A far cry from the plans I had for starting and finishing on Friday, but at least I know everything's in one home, even if I can't find which box it's in.

What I've learned from this move:
1. Book your movers in advance
2. Be the first move on their schedule that day
3. Double and triple check with your movers
4. Pack books in doubled shopping bags or tiny boxes
5. Label your boxes
6. If it goes from garage to garage and you haven't used it in a year, it's probably garbage
7. Meeting new neighbors can be either a pain or a joy - thanks to my new neighbor Steve for helping me get my comfy chair in today - Chibo did flips for joy
8. Try to organize things into appropriate bins/storage/drawers before the move
9. Look at your kitchen cupboards and figure out in advance which ones will contain what
10. Pace yourself

So, I've learned a lot, I'm moved in but not unpacked and unlikely to be until sometime later this month. But I again promise myself, starting today: good nights of sleep, walks with the dog, swimming on hot days and restful reading periods. Oh yeah, and ample time to blog.

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