Sunday, September 2, 2007

Oh The Places I've Been

My friend on ROTW from LJ posted a list of all the homes she's had since adulthood. I found it interesting and decided to create my own. I'm always exaggerating how many years I've lived in this town and where I'm from, so this is partly a reality check for myself. My family didn't move around that much. Even with the divorce and remarriage, I had only lived in these four places until I turned 18:
  • Nonny's Apartment - birth to age 1
  • 28th Street - age 1 to 4
  • Greenmont Street - age 4-13
  • Buchanan - age 13-18

When I left home at 18, I pretty well stayed on campus and spent my summers camp counseling or doing foreign study, so I was on various college campus for the next 4 years, except for the last year when they told seniors we had to get off campus to make room for the incoming class. It was a drastic policy change from "on-campus required" to "seniors, take a hike."

  • College Dormitory, including summers age 18-20
  • Australia (international student housing) age 20-21 : 7.5 months
  • Cooperative Housing : 3 months - lived in a dry house with 31 other people, worked at a coffee shop and brought home free pastries, my roommate worked in an ice cream shop and brought home free ice cream - I never saw so many sweets move so fast; just lived there long enough to do my thesis research
  • Stewart Street : 11 months, graduated college - moved out to come to P____

And in the past 8 years, since I moved to P____, I've moved around a lot. The last couple years have been pretty stable - these and my 12 month leases bring the average to about 1 year per place which isn't so bad, but there were a few moves that occurred in quick succession - you bet your booties, I didn't unpack much those times.

  • LaSalle Apartment : 12 months with Ree and J - moved when lease ended
  • Willow Creek: 12 months with Jenn and Fido - moved when lease ended - incidentally was on cruches during this move - thank goodness for good friends!
  • Cockroach Studio: 4 months with no TV - moved because I wanted to live with Jeff M and friends
  • Capitol Hwy: 6 months with rotating roommates including Atlanta roommates who hated me, Jeff M and Ree who wanted to move her gal pal, her 4 ferrets and a 3rd cat in. Moved out because my landlord threatened to evict me when I was 4 days late with the rent and 1 day out of being hospitalized for major surgery. Was again crippled and unable to help much with my own move - thanks again for good friends who helped a lot.
  • The Farm: 3 months in the country with former very good friends and their new baby. It was a great time and I think fondly of them often, though we aren't friends anymore. I loved living there, but once I was feeling better, the commute was too much. Not sure why we're not friendly anymore, but I think I got lumped into the category of shit that went along with their divorce.
  • Bertha: 12 months with E - cemented our friendship and our ability to tell each other everything, including that I wanted to get my own place. Moved out to try living alone again.
  • Hawthorn Studio: 12 months - loved living there, even when I had to sell my car to pay the rent, but moved to live in an amazing house that E was offered.
  • The House: 17 months. 3 bedrooms, bonus room, full basement, fenced yard, ample storage, fireplace. Reasonable rent, landlord did yard work. Raised garden beds, passionflower vine. Ping pong. Game nights. I still miss it. Landlord sold the house because he and his partner were breaking up - it's too bad he didn't wait because they are now married and we would never have left that house.
  • The Townhouse: 14 months. Great modern space under construction for 9 months of our stay there - you just don't get over that kind of thing. Still not exactly sure why we moved out, but I know we had good reasons.

And that brings me to this round: West Lake. So far so good, and I have high hopes, even though I already miss my ER.

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