Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cl-Open and The New Schedule

It's 1:21 am and where are your children? Just kidding - the real query is: why am I awake and blogging when I had to work until 11pm at my old store and am opening the new store at 8am. My store actually has a policy against Cl-open's as they are called, because even with a policy against them, they still happen often enough that they need a catchy mnemonic. The store policy is that you have to get at least 11 hours between shifts, so I technically shouldn't be closing and opening on two consecutive days, but since "the schedule is already done," was the response I got when I reminded my old scheduler that I was opening tomorrow, I decided to just suck it up for one day. After all, she'll be stuck there still doing cl-opens, while I'm moving on to The New Schedule.

The New Schedule is and isn't great. It's 3 full days a week, which is fewer than half the days of a week, but longer than half a work week. That gives me a nice paycheck compared to my one shift a week paychecks of yore, but the days happen to include Saturday and Sunday, the only full days that my boyfriend and friends are all off work. Luckily, I have the evenings free, though it does limit how much late night activity I can participate in. That could be a good thing, though. For my own edification and because I just love lists and schedules, here's an idea of how I have my schedule planned:

8am : wake, walk dog, breakfast
9am : gym, shower
11am-1pm : work on thesis (for the next week or so : unpack)
1pm : lunch
2pm-5pm : work on thesis or special projects
5pm-10pm : fun time with friends

6am : wake, walk dog, breakfast, shower
8am-5pm : work
5pm-10pm : fun time

Sleep In, Clean House, Run Errands, Free Day!

I wanted to list all the "special projects" that I'm hoping to work on, but when I do that it just starts to look like a task list instead of a list of fun or useful things I'd like to do. I'll just maintain the list in my head or better yet, look around my condo and garage if I'm ever not sure what they are - they're all right there in front of me, either because I bought the supplies for that really fun project or because it's the box of unorganized do-da's that I haven't gone through yet!
For now, my project is "fall asleep quick," because caffeine or no, I've got a big day ahead of me tomorrow.

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