Sunday, September 9, 2007

Book Report Blogging

Immediately on our return from camping, A jumps on the computer and blogs about it. He searched for the website of the place we went and looked up photos. He was at it a good half hour before he turned to me and said, "I'm blogging differently these days - I used to write about deeper things, but now I'm just saying what I do everyday." I call it book-report blogging and have tried not to fall into that trap, but find that I sometimes do.

I think this is a risk of blogging, especially if you know you have a readership, like on LiveJournal or MySpace, where you have long lists of "friends" that may check in regularly. A few people mention your blog to you, commenting or complimenting, in person or online and then this weird sense of something starts to take over. It's almost like an over-inflated sense of your own importance, but I don't think it's exclusively that ... narrow-minded.

When my friends tell me about their day, I'm interested...until it becomes the laundry list and then I start going over my list in my head, which I then often share and it becomes this vicious cycle. I don't want to that in life or online - it seems just such a waste of time, energy and harddrive space.

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