Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Just a Step to the Left, Let's Do the TIME WARP Again

Quirky. I wish I was, but I'm really not. It doesn't mean I don't have quirks - everybody does - it just means that the majority of my personality and character traits are not necessarily comprised of quirks.

Here's one for the literalists out there, though. In general, I use language very loosely, especially for one who likes definitions so much. One way in which I use language loosely is in regards to time. I like to say "the other day" as a description of when something happened. It wasn't necessarily the other day this weekend or even a day this week or month or year. "The other day" in my lexicon really refers to any day other than today. It's not so much that I am being deliberately secretive about when, exactly, a thing occurred, but more that I can't exactly remember and any event that I remember usually seems to have happened fairly recently.

There it is, one of the quirks that defines B...I wonder if that's part of the reason why I also pre-and post-date my blog entries?

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