Saturday, September 1, 2007


Everything is packed for the move, 4 truckloads of my things are at the new place, the heaviest items are still at the old place, I've got 2 borrowed pickups and the movers were hired...seems like the move is going well. Except that the people using my movers in the morning yesterday decided to cheap out, underestimated the time it would take and ended up using them the whole day. So we're rescheduled for Sunday, leaving us in limbo.

E and I were both looking forward to some leisure this weekend after the move, but there is something holding me back from doing that during this enforced day off today. I did sleep in until about 10 since there was no need to "ride at dawn" as we've been doing and am planning on finishing watching a movie, but I also plan to finish packing my kitchen, move it over and unpack the kitchen and bathroom today before retiring to A's place to sleep. I'm also getting the dog groomed and going grocery shopping since I won't have much food at the new place. Maybe I'll have some fun with my Bed Bath and Beyond gift card - I need a toaster.

Whoa, somebody stop me.

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