Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Goals Update

Latest update on progress:

Goals: 14 completed, 5 in progress, 84 to do
(13.8% completed, 18.8% completed or in progress)

Time: 116 days done, 885 days to go
(11.5% done, 88.4% to go)

1. Complete my list of 101 things to do completed 3/30/07
2. Finish putting my hard copies of photos and scraps into albums
3. Reorganize the music on my MP3 player
4. Get names/artists for the currently un-labeled music on my computer
5. Try rock climbing
6. Finish my last case paper completed 6/15/07
7. Write my Masters Thesis - In progress
8. Graduate NCNM Walked 6/25/07, all requirements for ND met, MSOM requirements in progress
9. Build/commission a professional website - discussed with web designer who recommended starting with a blog website
10. Finish my mom's afghan
11. Walk Chibo everyday for 2 weeks
12. Drink no soda for 1 month (excluding soda water)
13. Visit Rebecca in Trinidad or elsewhere - Ree moved back to OR, we'll see what happens with this one
14. Sell or donate crafting supplies not in use
15. Sign up for Bikram Yoga new member package and use it at least 2x
16. Ride my bike to school or clinic at least 5x in spring term - spring term 2007 over, but considered that I could bike to "clinic" meaning my personal clinic 5x next spring - I will not admit failure on this one!
17. Get a basket or pannier for my bike
18.Go to the next staff or company meeting at work - completed 7/11/07
19. Apply for Mercy Corps business grant
20. Do deep breathing exercises every night for 1 week
21. Memorize Tai Ji Yang Style form - in progress
22. Take a Tai Ji class outside of NCNM - completed 7/9/07, three week course
23. Teach a QiGong class
24. Volunteer anywhere
25. Walk to Fred Meyer instead of driving as needed for 2 weeks - completed 7/8/07 (didn't even realize I had done it!)
26. Sell my Pathfinder
27. Go outrigger paddling again
28. Go for an overnight backpacking trip
29. Go backpacking for more than one night
30. Get caught up on filing and data entry - counts when there is not a pile of papers waiting to be filed!
31. Take another obedience class with Chibo
32. Go kayaking - completed 7/14/07
33. Learn to straighten my hair - completed 5/8/07
34. Consult with a dermatologist
35. Consult with an adoption counselor
36. Go to a live sporting event at least 4x per year:
2007: 1/27 Rollerderby, 2/20 Blazers vs. Jazz, 3/24 Rollerderby, _________
37. Pay off my Citibank credit card
38. Reduce by 1/2 my primary credit card
39. Request my credit report
40. Cancel out of date creditors
41. Finish updating my name with relevant resources (such as credit reporting agencies)
42. Sign up for 401K at New Seasons - completed 7/18/07
43. Take guitar lesson/class
44. Take dance class
45. Take ceramics/pottery class
46. Find an acceptable news source and read it daily for 2 weeks
47. Identify my favorite section of the bookstore
48. Eat no processed food for 1 week
49. Plant an herb garden (or at least 4 kinds in pots)
50. Plant a vegetable garden
51. Plant Tiger Lily's bulbs
52. Buy a book on Lily's or orchids
53. Read a book every week for 2 months
54. Crochet something to wear
55. Crochet something as a gift
56. Spend an important anniversary with mom
57. Get a facial
58. Find a good facial moisturizer with SPF - completed 7/3/07
59. Hike 2x per week for 2 months
60. Visit Pete and Sara in DC/NY
61. Cook a meal (not counting sandwiches or boxed soup) for my housemate completed 5/7/07
62. Cook a meal (not counting sandwiches or boxed soup) for my boyfriend completed 5/7/07
63. Cook a meal (not counting sandwiches or boxed soup) for friends (more than E and A!) completed 4/8/07
64. Try a recipe out of the vegan cookbook
65. Make a supplement list and take consistently for 2 weeks
66. Go 1 day without swearing
67. Set aside an afternoon 1x per month for 3 months to send birthday greetings and other mail
68. Make a reasonable budget
69. Find a good calcium supplement and add to regular supplement list
70. Put videos onto DVD
71. Learn to sharpen dad's knives
72. Renew SCUBA certification and go diving!
73. Learn 3 prayers
74. Memorize 1 poem
75. Floss nightly for 2 weeks
76. Teach Chibo to lay down
77. Hang wind chimes - completed 6/20/07
78. Consult financial advisor
79. Lose 25 pounds
80. Go to the zoo
81. Have a day of gracious living - tell people about the concept
82. Backup Computer
83. Get a fish or bird
84. Acquire a new camera and learn to use it
85. Go to my 10 year college reunion - scheduled 10/2009
86. Find out if Math/Science Center is still running and contact the director
87. Tune up sewing machine
88. Take a sewing class
89. Eliminate eggs from diet for 1 month
90. Make a recommended reading list for professional development
91. Find a resource to keep up to date on research (list serve etc.)
92. Go to AANP and/or NWNPC conferences
93. Drink 8 glasses of water daily for 1 month
94. Clean out garage at Center Commons
95. Take the train to Seattle - scheduled 8/2007
96. Fast for 24 hours
97. Have a cocktail party - make a new drink for friends!
98. Go to the Garden at least 3x before membership runs out - 5/18, 5/26, ____
99. Get a new membership somewhere when Chinese Garden runs out
100. Go to Olympic National Forest - scheduled or 8/2007
101. Visit Italy

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