Sunday, July 22, 2007


Went camping and kayaking this weekend with A. Read the introductory section of my camping book while scouting around in it for campsites (if you want a good camping reference, buy Foghorn Outdoors: Camping in the Pacific Northwest by Tom Stienstra - it lists a ton of campsites in Oregon and Washington with pertinent details) and wish I'd listened to some of his advise, though the trip ended up being pretty fun.

Got the new kayak (a Malibu Pro2 Tandem purchased off Craig's List - thank you, CL!) out on Suttle Lake, Clear Lake and the Breitenbush River. Did it tandem, solo and tandem with Chibo on board. Also got to practice, both planned and unplanned, how to get back into the kayak after it flips! It's a bit tippy in rough water, but beautiful in flatwater.

A few things that worked on this trip:
  • firestarters
  • kayaking
  • easy pop-up tent
  • aqua socks
  • clothesline

A few things to improve next time:
  • bring cocoa
  • better dinner food
  • don't toast bread in the pan
  • get better camp pans (one got fried to a crisp!)
  • bring bikes
  • bring a dishpan or bucket - handy for many things
  • get a site near the water
  • camp with friends

Looking forward to getting out on the water some more as well as additional camping.

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