Wednesday, July 11, 2007

General Updates

1. Doesn't look like postponing boards is an option, so I'm going to run with the 28 days remaining, study my ass off and knock them out. That does allow me to postpone any decision on taking the job I've been offered, though. Glad some option for procrastination still exists.

2. The weather is slowing cooling to the mid-80's for the next couple of days - still not cool enough. I need a plan that involves AC. 101 goals be damned, I'm not biking or walking anywhere in this heat. I will drive to AC to be a more productive studier. The real question is: will I take my computer with me?

3. I want to start saving money for the kayak of my dreams. I've wanted an OC2 (tandem outrigger canoe) for a couple years now and thought nothing of spending some cash on it, but I balked at the $2K price of the tandem peddle kayak - I've decided to balk no more. I'm considering buying one ASAP and paying it off later, but with student loan payments yet to roll in and the possibility of not accepting the job, I think that might not be the most fiscally wise decision at this time.

4. I signed up for my 401K and attended my staff meeting today. I won a T-shirt and a free pint of ice cream. Just to make my 5:30am wake up call worthwhile, I got the most expensive ice cream in the store. Anyway, reviewing my goals really helped me focus on getting some accomplished - I need to keep them in front of me more often.

5. Considering what goals and ideals I have for getting my own apartment/studio/home. Price range, amenities and location all important. I think I'd like to have my own home again at least once more before moving in with someone else - if I take the job, Chibo will just have to go to daycare and if I don't, I can always keep my schedule flexible enough to care for him myself.

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