Wednesday, July 25, 2007

14 Days Until Boards - New Strategy

National board exams are 14 days away. I have two weeks to review the information I've spent the last seven years studying and practicing. After meeting with my doctor yesterday, I have a new outlook. She was sympathetic and inspiring - she reminds me that boards are a hoop we all jump through. She told me she knew friends who didn't study or studied very little and that some passed and some failed, but those who failed turned the experience into something positive and used it to their advantage. She was also very supportive of my decision not to pursue the residency opportunity that I've been offered.

So, the new plan: FOCUS for 5 hours every day. I'm even including Saturday and Sunday in that, since I have so few days. That means a few sacrifices in the next two weeks, but then I can enter my examinations with a little more confidence and can give up the guilt afterwards while I await my results. Not sure what I'll do after that when I have to finish my acupuncture boards and masters thesis, but I might just give myself the rest of August to be study free and schedule my next boards at the end of September. I'm thinking out loud a little here, but that sounds like a great plan. Then I can spend my days kayaking around Portland!

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