Friday, July 13, 2007

5 Reasons My Trainer is Going to Throw Back In My Face to Keep Me Buying Sessions I Can't Afford

Useful exercise, but decided not to buy more sessions. Trainer offered a free session for the following week to 'help' me decide, but I had an appointment during our time.

At any rate, these are the reasons I gave:


Yes, a trainer is very useful, but I highly recommend taking regular breaks from them for perspective. Also, I think it's more useful during the times of year when a) one's schedule is somewhat regular, b) one's income is regular and c) one is less likely to be active on one's own.

PS - I found the little card on which I wrote those reasons and decided that optomism bears explaining even if it's only for my own reference later. My body is amazing! My body is strong! Workign with my trainer helped me remember what my body-mind is capable of and that is a lot! I can do anything for 1 minute and by extension, I can do anything! Yes, that's useful to remember.

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