Wednesday, April 25, 2007

To Do: Finish Draft Blog Entries

I have two posts that I started and never finished for some reason. Maybe long-time bloggers will reassure me that this is a common phenomenon, but my perfectionist-completionist self finds it hard to deal with those "drafts" sitting in my list. I haven't quite finished the first because the idea I was masticating kept shifting, so I couldn't quite figure out what I was trying to say. The second is of a very personal nature and I got scared about how it would come out.

One of my friends who also blogs wrote about how she wants to edit her posts, but doesn't and this is something I just can't relate to...I always edit. It's like a conversation with me - I might say one thing and immediately cancel it out and say the opposite. My brain, mouth (when speaking) and hands (when typing) aren't always on the same page and/or moving at the same speed.

However, point being I have two blogs waiting to post. Maybe I should make my thesis the priority instead of finishing those posts? Or my case paper (Goal #6, Due March 23)?

Or maybe I'll keep thinking and writing about how hard it is to go 1 day without swearing (Goal # 66). It started much earlier today, not having established today as a day to try it. Today was the Day of Silence in which I did not participate, but maybe if I had, I would have had an easier time not swearing. I'm going on a retreat this weekend and my housemate suggested not swearing there. It's probable that I could pull that off in that location, but is that really fair? I suppose it's meeting the goal either way and really, those qigong-ers sometimes really piss me off.

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