Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Resolution: No More Resolutions!

In December of 2005, I decided not to make any more New Year's Resolutions. Instead, I came up with a motto for 2006. Feeling pretty confident and sparky, my motto was "It's my year," or when I was feeling particularly feisty, "It's my year, bitch!" Well, 2006 didn't like that well at all and she slapped me down within a week. Being a dragon (per Chinese astrology, not temperament), this should have been expected with the upcoming year of the dog. The year of the dog is generally the worst of years for dragons, and they had best lay low and not make any sudden moves.

My friend H is a numerologist and comforted me when 2006 turned out not to be the friendliest year by explaining that numerologically speaking, 2006 was set to be a year of change. When I had to move unexpectedly with very little money and less than 30 days, he suggested we celebrate and embrace the change. Despite the construction woes in our new home, it did turn out to be a decent move. Chibo, E and I at least enjoyed being warmer this winter than last year.

I have considered both of these aspects in planning for 2007. This is the year of the boar and tends to be a decent year for the dragon. It's still a good time for peace and quiet for the dragon, but I can at least flex my legs and look around again. Numerologically, 2007 is a year of extremes, with themes of acceleration and completion. As I prepare to finish my thesis and graduate school, it seems I am at least in alignment with this year - I'm going to try to ride the energetic wave that this year has in store. I can already feel acceleration of the time as my deadlines loom. Best get back to the thesis writing.

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