Saturday, April 14, 2007

Progress on 101 Goals

Here's the update on my 101 goals:

1. Complete list of 101 goals. Completed and posted online and on desk 3/30/07.
63. Cook a meal for friends - Completed 4/8/07 – I made egg scramble for many friends for Easter brunch. Enjoyed cooking so much I remembered wanting to open a bed and breakfast when I retire from medicine.

In progress:
37. Pay off my Citibank credit card
38. Reduce by 1/2 my primary credit card
- Currently working on managing credit card through transfer to lower interest rate line of credit. Entire balance of both cards will be transferred to one account to reduce monthly payment and increase principle paid each month.

39. Request my credit report
- Viewed Credit Report through - because this free site doesn't list the credit score, I'm requesting my report from the credit agencies directly.

54. Crochet something to wear
- Purchased a very easy pattern for a lovely shawl. I'm looking forward to making it with the hot pink chenille yarn I have.

101. Visit Italy
- Emailed my friend C about visiting her in Italy. She's excited about it and there are some definite possibilities. Also, reading Neither Here nor There by Bill Bryson in which he falls in love with Italy. I'm ready to fall in love too!

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