Thursday, April 5, 2007

The End of a Long Race

In 12 short weeks, I will graduate with my doctorate and masters degrees and be officially finished with my education. I might consider another brief foray into graduate education in future, but currently my only plans for further education are self-study of all the topics I missed in school, fun seminars, professional conferences, CE credits and hobby classes such as pottery, dance and guitar (see 101 Goals). I'm at the end of my first week of my final term and my mind and body are reeling from the stress - deadlines, mandatory meetings, a list of arbitrary check-offs that need to be done before they will hand me the paper saying I am qualified to be your physician - and I thought my last term was going to be easy?

I ran into my thesis advisor last night after studiously avoiding him for the prior 12 weeks - it was unavoidable and really informs me that I should have been in contact with him every week of last term because he was able to comfort me in my stress of not having my draft ready to hand in tomorrow. I told him how surprised I was that I still have so much to do before finishing school and that I had erroneously assumed the last term was just showing up, and he pointed out that you don't slow down at the end of a race - you speed up.

How correct he is - that's why I typed this quickly and am not taking the time to spell check.

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