Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Koyaaniqatsi is a film. The title is a Native American word meaning crazy life or life out of balance. I learned about this movie/concept/phenomenon when I went on a date with a man who adopted this word as his chosen name. I sometimes miss dating, but when I remember the dates I went on with extremists, crazies, meanies or people with whom I simply had nothing in common, I am grateful for my warm, stable, loving and fun relationship.

I am grateful that I have enough food on the table...I am even grateful that there is too much food on the table so that when the urge to binge in an emotional fit comes on, there is food even for that. I am grateful that I have the liberty of going to school and learning so that I can create an amazing, useful and lucrative career for myself. I am grateful that it will be finished in 10 weeks so that I can sleep in once in a white and hopefully shed the heavy cloak of anxiety that I wear every day wondering "what could I have forgotten to do that will jeopardize graduating?"

I am grateful that while I'm currently participating in Koyaaniqatsi that I know there is another choice.

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