Friday, March 9, 2007

When I Write My Blog, that is, My Homework

Looking over the past several weeks, I notice my blogs are often written on Wednesday or Friday. These are the two days when I sit in 3 hour long lectures enjoying the free Wi-Fi available at my school instead of paying attention to my instructors. I try to pay attention, but 3 hours is just too long in my opinion. It is all I can do to even give the appearance of paying attention - at least our notes are online, so looking at my computer is not a complete show of disrespect.

Maybe I should use that time to work on my homework instead. Yes, I have homework - I always have homework. It's not just that I always have studying to do, but I actually always have some paper or case or project coming due in the next week. This week, being the last formal week of classes, with finals in the next two weeks, is not only no exception, but is actually even more intense. Imagine my surprise when my partner asked, "oh, do you have homework too?" after I explained that my housemate was missing the party to get homework done. I guess that explains a lot.

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